jwsatwork: cool photos
Gma Elsie: took him on vacation with us and picked up Bubba (Eddie Smith) Patty's boy.
Gma Elsie wants to directly connect.
Gma Elsie is now directly connected.
Gma Elsie:
Gma Elsie:
jwsatwork: looks like fun
Gma Elsie:
Gma Elsie: They had a blast, they always get along so well.
jwsatwork: the buffalo ? :-)
Gma Elsie: elk and bison park
jwsatwork: ah
jwsatwork: i think my cousin jim was due for a deer hunt session at his farm soon
Gma Elsie:
Gma Elsie: Fort Massac in Ill just north of Paducah
Gma Elsie:
Gma Elsie: Fort Donelson, Dover TN, Cumberland River, (I think)
jwsatwork: perfect thing to have out on the sun deck to entertain the neighbors with. 4 inch mortar
jwsatwork: sort of iraq sounding though
Gma Elsie:
Gma Elsie: and here is the most unique pic we got. at Fort Donelson
Gma Elsie:
jwsatwork: shirley would like the water
Gma Elsie:
Gma Elsie: Venture River Water Park, Eddyville, KY it was 110 heat index that day.
Gma Elsie:
Gma Elsie:
Gma Elsie:
Gma Elsie: Rockome Gardens, Arthur, IL
Gma Elsie:
Gma Elsie: they had 5 or 6 trains going on separate tracks
jwsatwork: outdoor train setups are fun
Gma Elsie:
jwsatwork: outdoor pretzel?
Gma Elsie:
Gma Elsie: Mike, Eddie and Patty Dixon, Grand Rivers, KY
Gma Elsie: Relaxing
Gma Elsie: We spent nights there
jwsatwork: shirley talks to patty a lot. she was going to drop in one time when she and her sisters were out driving
Gma Elsie: Patty would love that. She works most days. Mike took to driving the school bus
Gma Elsie: Eddie transferred schools and goes with mike on the route
Gma Elsie: We got about an 1 1/2 tall of pictures from our vacation
Gma Elsie: Most of them were real good.
Gma Elsie: What did you think of the dinasour?
Gma Elsie: I made a booklet for both the boys of the trip.
Gma Elsie: I think it had 18 pages
jwsatwork: i'll put this up online too, it will have html of the whole thingg
Gma Elsie: have fun
Gma Elsie: There was a lot at the Fort Donelson one.
jwsatwork: this saves it as html with the pictures. i was wondering on how to save the comments and photo
Gma Elsie: Also, we went to the Civil War National Cemetery
jwsatwork: nashville?
Gma Elsie:
Gma Elsie: Actually it is the Fort Donelson, Dover Tennessee National Cemetery
Gma Elsie:
Gma Elsie: Mark trying to tame a squirrel at a rest area in IlL
Gma Elsie: Her gma will be here shortly
Gma Elsie: Maybe I can list some more books on Ebay
jwsatwork: cool