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Hey, It's chow time!
Isn't It?
Five Weeks Old

Five Weeks Old Today July 26th 2001
Matthew Weighs about 8 Lbs
andsays, "Where's the Chow"

Hey, up there - pipe down!
I'm trying to sleep
Five WeeksOld

Five Weeks Old Today July 26th 2001
Timothy weighs about 7 Lbs
and says, "Hey, keep quiet up there, I am tryingto sleep"

Josh and the Blue dog thinks they are really cute
Joshua and Blue both
still think the
twins are really cute.

Joshie and Blue are right again!

Hi - Bye guys
Matthew 7-26-01
We gotta nap some more
Timothy 7-26-01

Five Weeks Old Today July 26th, 2001
They both still like to ham it up for the camera
Like, "Bye Guys, It is Nap Time Again"

Mat says, "I'll hold this thing in"
Matthew 7-26-01
It's hard to hold that thing in and hang on at the same time
Matthew 7-26-01

Matthew likes to help - Hang on
and Look Cross Eyed