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Twins Page

Matthew bright ans shiney
Matthew 7-2-01
15 Days Old
Little Tim is gaining on Big Bro'
Timothy 7-2-01
15 Days Old

Both wide awake and happy little guys at 2 weeks old
Matt weighs about 5 lbs 14oz
Tim weighs aboyt 5lbs 1oz
They are getting up there!

Grampa and Matthew
Grampa & Matt 7-2-01

Grammy says that Matthew says that Grampa
should get a hiar cut! Grampa says, "It is hard to
get me to pay someone $10 just to hunt for 5 minutes."

Ann, Josh and Timothy
Ann, Josh & Tim
Blue loves to let Josh wool him around
Rich, Josh & Blue

Proud Mommy and Daddy!

Two Little Keepers
Timothy and Matthew

They are keepers alright. Daddy says we even came
with a 3 month money back gaurantee. That's neat!

Sleepy eyes Matthew
Matthew 7-4-01
Sleepy eyes Timothy
Timothy 7-4-01

Little sleepy eyes

One of Grampa's favorite photos
Grampa and Timothy

One of Grampa's most favorite photos
How to take a "One Handed" picture.

Grampa and Matthew
Grampa and Matthew
Guess who and Timothy
Grampa and Timothy

Close to three weeks old now

Josh thinks they are swell
Josh and Matthew

Josh will say, "Aren't they cute?"
(He says that about all the bugs he sees too)

Matthew 7-10-01
Guess who has a lot of Auburn Red hair
Timothy 7-10-01

A pair of little dolls