Six Turnin' Four Burnin'

Up at 1:31 AM to go to the "Mess" Hall and eat. Then be at the airplane at 2:00 - all the preflights - warm it up for an hour or so - take off at 6:00. We might fly north to Alaska - Pull a U-turn and fly south down the West coast - turn left at the Mexican border and fly to the East coast - turn left and fly almost to Caribou, Maine - and finally turn left again and do a looong glide (looong glides helped conserve fuel) from 36000 feet back into Ellsworth AFB - then after one sack lunch and 5 Tv dinners later (we had ovens on the airplane) we land about noon (the next day). That took what? About 28 hours? About right for a REALLY good, exciting, "didn't lose more that 2 engines" mission. We had to keep at least four turnin' - it didn't matter if any of the jets were burnin' or not.

Very cool airplane

Photo that Rich got for me from Wright Patterson AFB Museum