SAC Headquarters Building

My assignment at Offut was in Combat Reports. I worked four stories underground in the SAC Control Room, by the infamous "red phone", for about a year 1957 to 1958. But I wanted to be on airplane's again so I went to assignments and told them "I didn't like my job". That got a big laugh, BUT turned out they had an ECM trainer airplane (a C-47/DC-3) in the maintenance Squadron that no one wanted to fly on. So wala - big laugh - but I got a new job. Later I serviced some electronics on the roof of this building. See the little penthouse on the roof, then see the tower on the penthouse? That's where it was. So you can say that I, for one (and probably the only one), have been from the very top to the very bottom of SAC Headquarters (literally).

Nice Building and Missile