Strategic Air Command Crest

SAC, that was my Air Force home from late 1955 to 1964. I was Combat Aircrew on the world renouned B36 "Peacemaker" from late 1955 to late 1957, accruing several hundred flight hours on missions up to 27 hours long - Nonstop without refueling. In those days that was COOL! "Uncle" Curt Lemay was our CincSAC (Commander in Chief). I was stationed at Ellsworth AFB, Rapid City, South Dakota, 718th Heavy Bomber Squadron. Our airplanes were Rb36h's. I was an Electronic Counters Measures Observer (ECMO). When the B36s phased out I was reassigned to Sac Headquarters, Offutt AFB in Omaha Nebraska.

The SAC Shield