C47/DC3/Gooney Bird

Two Turnin' Pretty Much All the Time

AWESOME? (Neat anyway)
More verbiage later

Cool airplane!  A little rough at times.

Photo of the "Old Gooney Bird"
Air Force C-47 ~ Civilian DC-3
This photo was taken by Deanna when she was at the Offutt AFB SAC Museum. It is in the process of being cleaned up for display. Lots of hours out of Offutt on one like this, except that her tail number was 0433871. I think that ment she was built in 1943. What a fossil, Huh? We called her "Good Ol' 871". She was an ECM trainer and had antennas sticking out all over her. She had three direction finding antenna radomes hanging on her belly. I have an old article dedicated to her departure from Offutt that I will post later with lot's of stories. (Probably as a link from this file so keep checking back - )