A visit to Dad  Sunday 6/8/2002

Dad resting in his easy chair.  It has an electric jack to lift him up, he
likes to fiddle with.  if you get him going, he'll either end up totally
reclined, or raised up on his feet, since he won't leave it alone...

more resting

Dad eats his dinner here.  The bird cage is behind him, outside on the
patio.  The big cage is full of parakeets, and there is at least one parot
outside, and a cockateel in other cages.

Dad walks around the outside a lot.  this is outside on
the sidewalk down from his room.  There was a pool in the back
yard, and there is a walkway around it, as well as down the back of
the house.

the parot cage is behind and above dad with white bottom.  Don't have sound
effects to give you the full treatment.


he has a tv / tape player for his Mel Tillis tapes.  I have copied all three
he has onto one 6 hour tape, so he has 6 hours of Mel without rewinding.
this is taken standing by the bed, which is in the photo below.

There is a trellis outside.  the birds are to the right, and straight back
to the left of the plants is the filled in pool.  I told the people running
the house that they should pull the pool machinery and sell it, since the
heater is in good shape.

this is his bed